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How to Realize Green Casting in China's Foundry Industry

Date:2023-05-25 16:42:09   Click:142

At present, the most direct development issue facing humanity is sustainable development. The waste and pollutants emitted by population growth and social progress have seriously exceeded the capacity of the Earth to dissipate, especially for foundries. Foundries in China are a traditional basic industry and also a high investment, high consumption, and high pollution industry. The trend of "three highs" in foundries has prompted the industry to seek a new development model - green management.

While promoting green management in Chinese foundries, it is also an effective guarantee for sustainable development planning and a concrete practice of implementing the scientific development concept.

1、 Clean production

Clean production is achieved through scientific management and technological progress. To achieve clean production, casting enterprises should start from the casting process, eliminate old equipment, and actively adopt new technologies, processes, and equipment that are energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

2、 Recycling of resources

Foundry enterprises need to achieve the utilization of waste in the production process. Through recycling, waste can re-enter the production process, achieve its value multiple times, and strictly control the emission requirements of pollutants to achieve low or even zero emissions of pollutants.

3、 Implement a green environmental management system

Chinese foundries should closely follow international standards, develop new environmental management models, establish and maintain an environmental management system that complies with international standards, and integrate the guiding ideology of green management into their business management.

4、 Pay attention to green marketing

Green marketing starts from the conception stage of casting development, focusing on the re development of raw materials and waste disposal. Adopting recycled packaging to maximize the use of packaging materials and avoid resource waste.

Green management is a new model for the development and operation of modern casting enterprises, which plays an important role in the sustainable development of Chinese casting enterprises. Only in this way can we promote green management of casting enterprises, transform economic models, and take the path of intensive energy production. Only in this way can the development of casting enterprises make breakthroughs, and China's casting industry will go further and further on the path of sustainable development.

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