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Precision casting, also known as investment casting

Date:2023-05-25 16:44:45   Click:139

The precision, surface finish, material density, metallographic structure, mechanical properties, and other aspects of castings produced by sand casting are often poor. Therefore, when these performance requirements of castings are higher, other casting methods should be used, such as investment casting (loss of wax), die casting, low-pressure casting, etc. The following is an introduction by the company editor:

I The characteristics and advantages of precision casting:

Precision casting, also known as investment casting, has the following characteristics compared to other casting methods and part forming methods:

1. The dimensional accuracy of castings is high, with fine surface roughness values. The dimensional accuracy of castings can reach 4-6 levels, and the surface roughness can reach 0.4-3.2 μ m. It can greatly reduce the machining allowance of castings and achieve zero allowance manufacturing, reducing production costs

2. Castings with complex shapes that are difficult to machine using other methods can be cast. The contour dimensions of castings can range from a few millimeters to thousands of millimeters, with a minimum wall thickness of 0.5mm and a minimum hole diameter of 1.0mm or less

3. Alloy materials are not limited: materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, high-temperature alloy, titanium alloy, and precious metal can all be produced by precision casting. For alloy materials that are difficult to forge, weld, and cut, precision casting is particularly suitable for production

4. High production flexibility and strong adaptability. It can be used for large-scale production, as well as small batch or even single piece production

In summary, precision casting has the advantages of small investment scale, large production capacity, low production costs, simplified complex product processes, and fast investment returns. Therefore, it is in a favorable position in competition with other processes and production methods, and has a bright future

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